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"real friends called u guys state chumps"


People make mistakes and say the wrong thing sometimes when they are upset!


All Time Low


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Title: It Girl (Jason Derulo)
Artist: Derek Discanio
Album: Covers
Plays: 2323


Derek DiScanio - It Girl (cover)

aka the greatest cover you will ever hear


"you can't lose sight of what you did to get there" - tay jardine

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"P.S: I hope you'll be able to go the concert somehow!!! It'd be a shame to miss it :( Oh and I almost forgot! I got their signatures during a m&g, do you want me to send me pics of those too or? And thank you for searching that link for me! I feel bad for making you find one for me haha sowwy /.\"

don’t worry about the link, it was super super easy to find :)

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"alright so the only thing i can send you now are the pics bc for the vids i have to use the embed code or video url and i dont know as to what those two are (but it probably has something to do with uploading it to the internet) so do you have a contacting app that allows me to send you vids? Like skype or something? You can delete/unfriend/discard me after you got it ofc. Oh and do you want the pics first or do you want to just send them both on the contacting app?"

just upload it to a sideblog or something on tumblr and send the link to me!!! for videos at least, and i have my submit on if you want to give me the photos that way

or if you message me off anon i can give you my skype bc i don’t want everyone to know it but yeah!!!!!

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favorite band member meme » jess bowen » six performances [4/6]

Nothing’s Wrong with Echosmith, Warped Tour 2013


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hi boys who follow me how do i get boys to love me

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Forgot to say thanks to all the folks who came out to the show last night. I had so much fun— Felt great to play some tunes! (credit)

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"okay this is gonna sound really stupid but I'm kind of slow with technology and I don't know how to transfer my videos and photos from my (i)phone to my laptop and for some reason it won't let me submit the pics and vids on mobile... So, help?"

you said you had a mac right?? i’m not sure how to do it on a mac bc i have a pc but i found this link for you

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"Kinda disappointed they were an hour late than promised, but it was still a good show nonetheless. ATC were friggin awesome, (idk if it's going to be the same setlist later but) they played, all their songs on the EP and Guessing. they also played their cover of Ain't It Fun and Chocolate which was perfect <3 And Alex's set was so cool (I randomly shouted out 'I love you' to him and then he said it back what a sweetie <3) He played covers and his singles on In Your Atmosphere."

THEIR COVER OF CHOCOLATE IS SO SOS OSOOO GOOD OH MY GHD i think that’s my fav cover of it.

alex is such an angel i love him so much

 i really hope i’m going oto be able to see  ATC but i don’t think i’m going to and :( idk i don’t have a ride there but i’m still figuring things out